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Rajasthan Pre-Teacher Examination, a mandatory standardized examination conducted in hundreds of schools in the state to promote teacher efficiency, quality teaching skills and to evaluate the abilities of new teachers, will be conducted from next month to next year. With the changing education needs of students, time duration for each question has been reducing over the years with some basic structure still being observed. Initially, the test required answering only general questions about classroom behavior and knowledge and theoretical concepts. However, according to current reports, the present version demands more in-depth questions to evaluate the teaching capability of teachers. The main goal behind introducing this type of examination in Rajasthan is to maintain good relationship between school management and guardians of students and to introduce the best practices for teaching quality education.

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According to a news report, the first batch of the PTET Results 2021 is due to be published after the end of April, so the feedback from the teachers will start flowing in after the completion of the exam. There have been discussions in the recent past regarding the introduction of individual grading rubrics to help in tracking the performance of different candidates at the same time. However, till date there have been no changes made in the format used to determine the total appeared candidates for each post.

The official website of the Rajasthan State Board of Education is the best venue to check result online. It is a comprehensive source for all the information on any subject whether it is a school level subject or a college entrance exam. By registering at the website, candidates can gain access to the detailed data about every candidate who has appeared for a particular post. This will help them to understand whether they are up to the mark or not by taking into account the performances of their colleagues. The results of every post can also be found out on the Rajasthan State Board's official website.


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